The 10th Annual Darlington 5000 Run/Walk will be held Saturday, Sept. 13. Download the brochure and registration form here.

Park Quick Facts

  • Located just a few blocks from Historic Downtown Darlington.
  • Cypress/Tupelo Swamp and other forested natural communities.
  • Floodplain of Swift Creek and associated wetlands.
  • Over 300 plant and animal species.
  • Newly renovated boardwalks and trails.
  • Easily accessible wildlife viewing areas.
  • 60 acres of fun and learning!

Park Rules

Please don't
  • destroy or damage anything within the park.
  • remove any plant or animal from the park.
  • leave litter along the trails; trash cans are located in the picnic area near Spring Street.
  • bring firearms, fireworks, drugs, or alcoholic beverages into the park.
Please do
  • remember to keep noise to a minimum.
  • stay on marked trails and boardwalks.
  • ride bicycles and motor vehicles on Williamson Park Drive only.

Trail GuideDownload Trail Map (PDF)

Trail Name Route Comments Distance
Main Trail From parking lot, take Main Trail to Wood Duck Trail. Easy; trail parallels Swift Creek between cypress swamp and upland forest; several side trails available for nature study. 2750 feet or about half a mile (.8 kilometers) one way; about one mile (1.6 km) round trip.
Residential Loop Wood Duck Trail and Boardwalk to Carol Drive to Medford Drive to Spring Street and back to parking lot. Easy; Boardwalk crosses Swift Creek and swamp, then trail leads to residential neighborhood streets. 5200 feet or almost a mile (1.5 km) one way.
Williamson Park Drive From parking lot, go to stone columns and follow park drive to Wood Duck Trail. (or in reverse from Trail.) Easy; Passes through upland forest communities and residential area; auto traffic is one way from Spring Street to Cashua Street. 3550 feet or about 2/3 mile. (1.1 km) one way; about 1 1/3 mile (2.2 km) round trip.
Daylily and Wax-Myrle Trails From parking lot, go to your left parallel to Spring Street, turn right and follow Daylily Trail then turn left onto Wax Myrtle Trail. Return by Christian Court or backtrack. Easy; trail crosses Swift Creek and goes along creek through cypress swamp, then pine woods with lots of Ferns and Wax-Myrtles; Daylilies bloom in June. 1475 feet or about 1/4 mile (0.4 km) one way; about 1/2 mile (0.8 km) round trip.